About – Home is where the heart is

I used to be a music teacher and a mom.
Now I’m just a mom, but I’m fighting with my amazing family against a horrible disease which has attacked our little girl.
Except that now we longer have our little girl. She passed awy on the 13th September 2014. But we till fight for others and ourselves.
Cancer is not fair, it doesn’t discriminate, it’s not easy. My prayer is that I will be able make others aware of what it’s really like through our story and experiences.


Just walk with us…


If you would like to read our journey from the start please click here.


2 thoughts on “About – Home is where the heart is

  1. I can’t keep reading anymore. First, I’ve run out of tissues and its midnight here in Canada and Wayne is starting to wonder what all the snivels are about. I am so encouraged by your courage despite all the disappointments, set backs, fear, pain loneliness etc (no, you’re right, I don’t have a clue and are thankful that you’re OK with me not understanding – I’m even scared to go back to “real paediatrics” where children can and do die – just been a mom and hearing of all you’re going through makes me worried I’ll go to pieces at the sight of the first really ill child I see next – coughs and cold’s don’t count). I wanted to share something positive that has come from all that has happened to Emma over that last 7 months. I still get mad with Caleb, Yael and Abigail – believe me, they can be maddening! But then I often catch myself and think of you guys and Emma and how precious these little ones are to us and bite my tongue (sometimes) before I get mad and say something nasty. I hug them tighter and I thank God more for them and the privilege of being their mom. I’m so much more thankful for even the “little” things that we so often take for granted like our health. When I stand next to Abigail’s cot to hear if she is still breathing, I think of you and are thankful that I am just standing in her bedroom and not in a hospital ward with the sound of the O2 mask. All the dirty washing left over from our camping trip makes me thankful we can go camping and get dirty. I don’t want this to be a another painful reminder to you of all you “don’t have” – you must already have so much of that – but rather to let you know that I count so many more blessings that may have gone unnoticed because I’m reminded of how the treat to Emma’s life touches us all. The reminder of my blessings also spurs me on to pray that God would fully restore Emma and all those “normal” things like muddy feet and maybe some family camping trips and a trip to Disney when you are all ready.
    Love you and praying for you all.


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