Hey you – yes you, the Momma reading this…

At the end of last year I was gifted one of the most beautiful books ever – “You are the Mother of all Mothers” written by Angela Miller2017-01-30 10.26.56.jpg

When I opened it and read it at home, I sobbed through every page – because it felt like Angela had written it for ME!

While the book is intended for grieving mothers, mothers whose children have passed away, I think parts of it are appropriate for ALL mothers. When you become a mother, you “lose” something. Whether it be time, your figure, relationships, a job, sometimes even yourself, becoming a mother can often be a trade-off. And that’s OK. And you have to know that sometimes you will grieve those things you have “lost”, and that is also OK.

I paged through the book again and felt the need to share with you…

2017-01-30 10.29.12.jpg

I have realised over time that we all mother differently. We are all the best damn mother we can be – where we are, in our own situation, surviving.

I want you to know that I see you…


I see you wiping up that spilled milk for the 1000th time…

I see how you hide away, just for 5 minutes peace, to not be touched for just a bit…

I see you pack away those toys, fold that washing, clean the floor, wipe that bum, deal with that crisis, clean up vomit, drop off you child (and cry), fetch your child (and cry)…

I see you get into bed at the end of an exceptionally long day and feel more exhausted than you think you should, wiped out at the thought of repeating it all tomorrow again…

I see you. And I understand. And I love you. You are good enough. You are doing well.

You are the Mother of all Mothers, as Angela says. And I see that…

Your crisis will look different to mine, your grief feels unique, your situation outrageously otherwise. And it is and isn’t, all at the same time. Because while on the outside, to each other, it is all strange, on the inside, the feelings of anger, isolation, pain, grief, frustration, exhaustion – they feel the same.

And I see you getting through the day, powered on the smile of your little one, the hug from a friend, the prayers of those who love you.

Hey you, yes you Momma reading this – you are a survivor… Well done…


If you would like to read more about our story please get hold of a copy of my book, “Losing Emma, Finding Hope.” If you live in South Africa, please email me (losingemma.findinghope at gmail.com). Otherwise, if you live outside of South Africa, it is available on Amazon as a paperback or kindle.

And if you have read it, please write a review – either on Facebook or on GoodReads.


3 thoughts on “Hey you – yes you, the Momma reading this…

  1. Dear Bravest Heart,
    Metinx pain reminds us that we are alive. Life at times is like never reaching that last pebble in an ever shrinking shoe…….

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  2. You know, all DADDAS also need to read this stuff, so they can gain an inkling into what makes the Mommas boats float (or sink). An absolute booster in every man’s quest to understand the woman in his life.

    Liked by 1 person

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